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#1 Posted by painguy1 (8686 posts) -

I was looking through the SMG2 disc files, and apparntly the disc itself is named Super Mario Galaxy More. :lol: What do u guys think about this?

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#2 Posted by trugs26 (7535 posts) -

Hahasounds awesome.

Instead of Super Mario Galaxy 2, they should have officially called it Super Mario Galaxy More, on the boxart and all :P

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#3 Posted by SaltyMeatballs (25164 posts) -
It's more Mario Galaxy, duh.
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#4 Posted by assasian_1337 (64 posts) -

haha! pretty awesime i suppose.

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Haha. that's pretty funny.

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Unless I'm mistaken, that was a working title for the game (Super Mario Galaxy 1.5 was another working title) before they decided to make it a full fledged sequel.

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yeah i suppose. i just found it kinda interesting. cuz it lets u know what Nintendo actually thinks of their game