Stunt Bike (minigame of Thrillville)

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#1 Posted by dragonshadow14 (88 posts) -

I really love this game, it has hours of fun. but it has only 10 levels...

Does anyone knows a game like this for the wii or other platform, what i can play?

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#2 Posted by ryva05 (914 posts) -
I couldn't complete that minigame :( lack of patience I think! My cousin completed it though.

I only know of the one in Facebook games..
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#3 Posted by Quilex (112 posts) -

Not sure if you mean you like just the stunt bike game or the whole of thrillville .I really enjoyed this game it was really fun but to short and a bit to easy, a harder level setting would have been cool. I still re-play the mini games a fair bit. Not sure if there are any other wii games like it yet.

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just bought this game for my 8yr old, kind of hoping he likes it.