Streetpass for the Switch?

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Poll: Streetpass for the Switch? (8 votes)

Yes 88%
No 0%
I’m not bothered 13%

So with the Switch Lite having been announced for this autumn, Nintendo is clearly still thinking about its handheld gamers (also with the new Pokémon Sword and Shield coming out it's no surprise really since Pokémon has always been and always will be a handheld title primarily).

I'm still deeply in love with my 3DSXL and still have a good number of games to complete (as well as a multitude of Japan-only DS games to discover here in Japan) but Streetpass is one of the best things that has happened to handheld consoles in general and i really love how it adds a new dimension to games in terms of player interactivity, unlocking extra game content, or adding game data. So far the Switch's interactivity is purely online but having that real-life peripheral really does enrich the handheld experience.

Do you think Nintendo should update the Switch to have this software function and maintain it in future game titles?

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Honestly, I am surprised Switch has not received past features of Wii U and 3ds such as Street Pass and Miiverse and even channels from Wii.

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I would love it, but unfortunately it's never going to happen. The Switch will remain bare bones. There have been no substantial updates to the Switch since release, and I don't foresee any happening in the future.

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@bgres077: Well, adding it Only to the Switch Lite would be rather criminal of Nintendo, but i meant to the Switch as a whole, not model specific versions. Of course, it's not as convenient to carry around, despite what Nintendo will say about portable playability, but it is first and foremost a home console..just with an option to carry. (Personally I think they tried to fill in the vacuum creating by the PSP Vita and trying to match and best the PSP in terms on console-quality handheld and cleft their original concept in twain to scatterbomb pleasure for consumers?)

That said, because it does have a portability option there's no reason why Nintendo wouldn't do it.

Nintendo has updated its 3DS software in the past and its latest update (2 months ago) is now at version 11.10.0-43. The current Switch software (which got updated in June) is currently at 8.1.0 so it's still entirely possible.

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It would be a great feature to have for the Switch.

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It would be a great thing to have, streetpass and spotpass and the like. Add in some Miiverse for crying out loud!

I think a lot of the reason why the Switch UI is so barebones, probably has something to do with conserving battery life if I had to guess. But idk. I feel like they could include all of those things in some way with a future update, without making things too clunky.

Maybe it could still happen. I guess I give it another year, and if it doesn't happen within that span of time I don't really expect it to.

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Yes. There are quite a few things from the 3DS that I want for Switch. Streetpass, customizable menu with different themes, abillity to make folders and sort your games, a song for the menu and eshop..