Still no Retro Catalogue/Virtual Console?

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Aside from the NES catalogue that comes with Switch Online, where is the Retro Catalogue/Virtual Console? Come on Nintendo, you have such a great catalogue of older titles that could be on the Switch, and surely even GC era could be included now. What are they waiting on, if anything? Seems like a lot of money just sitting on the table.

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I agree they are taking too long. Thankfully I have tons of games to play on switch. That being said I really wish I had some snes games to play on Switch.

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Nintendo must hate money.

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They're on other places, and for free. And it's not like you have to feel bad when Nintendo don't even let you buy their games.

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They said in May that there isn’t going to be a Virtual Console. Their NESflix style service is probably all we are getting.

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That is genuinely terrible news. Boo Nintendo.

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Virtual console as it's currently known, isn't coming to the Switch. Reggie is quite good at misdirection. I think they will be re-branding it as something else, perhaps the online service/rental however you want to label it. In time individual titles will surely be able to be purchased. And yes, Nintendo has been unacceptably slow at rolling this out.

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I don't understand why Nintendo thinks the stupid streaming service is a better idea, I think they've actually lost their minds.

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Hey guys, i would like to share with you this hystorical tour of most of the nintendo games so far. Hope you enjoy it. :3