Speculation about the "Mystery" Game...

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There've been rumors flying around the past few days that we'll see a thus-unannounced major release on the Switch in 2019. It's unclear exactly what game it is, but it's being teased as something most Ninty fans will be very happy about.

So far we know Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing Switch, Pokemon Switch, and Fire Emblem: The Three Houses are slated for release this year. The mystery game is supposedly something else entirely.

Bayonetta 3 is a game that keeps being brought up as a possibility. But I don't think this is the game in question.

Other speculation suggests an Earthbound or F-Zero game. Or, StarFox racing game that has been rumored for a while. Or even the next Pikmin game.

Final Fantasy 7 is apparently getting ported to the Switch, alongside 9, 10 and 12. Still no word on 8, and I'm not really sure why. But still, I doubt this is it, either.

Lots of people think it could be another Wii-U port, such as Super Mario 3D World, or maybe even the Metroid Prime Trilogy that many have been hoping for since the fourth game has restarted development.

Persona 5 is also a possibility, spurred on by news that its main character will be added to Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Or, maybe it's even something else. It's difficult to think what game announcement would cause such excitement, but it does make me wonder what the big secret is. And when they're going to tell us about it!

What does everyone think it could be?

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The Metriod Prime trilogy.

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@phbz said:

The Metriod Prime trilogy.

Yeah, this is most likely I think. Or maybe Pikmin 4.

But my heart still says Wind Waker HD port!!!!

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Yeah my money is on the Metroid Prime Trilogy too. Something to give to fans before the new game is released.

Either way I’m happy with anything. Haven’t played Bayonetta though.

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@speeny said:

Yeah my money is on the Metroid Prime Trilogy too. Something to give to fans before the new game is released.

Either way I’m happy with anything. Haven’t played Bayonetta though.

If you like this style of over the top action games, Bayonetta is my favorite one ever made.

As to the topic, I'm hoping it's the Starfox racer or whatever Retro was actually working on before the got put on Metroid again. But it's probably some Kirby spinoff.

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While there is favorable talk about Metroid Prime 3, there is still no word of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and we are approaching the Spring season.

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@onesiphorus: That's a good point. Well, Spring doesn't start until March 20th, and lasts until June 21st. There's still lots of time for Nintendo to announce a Nintendo Direct and unveil more about the game.

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In light of the ever increasing Microsoft/Nintendo collabs' maybe it's the Rare replay collection. Or, Goldeneye HD remaster.

But, if I had to place money on it, i'd say the Metroid Prime collection was the announcement.

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@mk_1: Having Grabbed by the Ghoulies on the Switch bundled in with the other games on the Rare Replay Collection would be nice. But I reckon it's unlikely. :( It's been an Xbox exclusive thing for a while.

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I'm curious why everyone thinks the game is the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I mean I would be fine with that, but I am curious why everyone suspects that's the game.

...Come to think of it, it would be cool if they included a remastered port of Metroid Prime Hunters. Complete with online play. It would take some work and would be a short game, but would definitely benefit from better controls and more exposure.

And since Sylux is apparently playing a role in future games, now's a good time to re-introduce the rival hunters.

But I would be happy with just the trilogy. I'd also be happy with a new Pikmin, or a Persona port. I just hope it's not Mario 3D World lol.

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@Ovirew: everyone thinks its Metroid because it's been stated it's finished but not released or announced properly.

I expect Metroid, Pokemon or a new Mario game.

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We shouldn't expect the mystery game to be a port. We should expect it to be a new game entirely. The shortlist I came up with is:

  • Mario Galaxy 3;
  • Animal Crossing;
  • F-Zero;
  • Starfox;
  • Pikmin 4;
  • Bayonetta 3.

In terms of ports, we could expect:

  • Metroid Prime Trilogy (though I really hope they include Hunters);
  • Mario Galaxy 1 and 2;
  • Skyward Sword;
  • Super Mario 3D World.

They really need to come up with a two huge holidayreleases.

It's expected Pokemon Next Gen will come out in the fall, so a winter release that was going to be Metroid Prime 4 (at least speculated to be) is going to have to be another game. The Spring looks thin as well. I hope we don't get a Wii-like drought.

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@sonic_spark: I'm thinking the new Pokemon games are the big Holiday game this year. I mean this is a console Pokemon game, I feel like they'll want to produce a solid outing for the Switch.

But there will likely be other games this Holiday, too. Maybe Bayonetta 3 is one of those?

If I were to guess, the releases we know about could go sometthing like this:


Yoshi's Crafted World - early Spring

"Mystery" Game - mid Spring

Animal Crossing Switch - late Spring


Fire Emblem 3 Houses - early Summer

Pikmin 4 - late Summer

Fall/Holiday Season

Luigi's Mansion 3 - early Fall

Bayonetta 3 - early Fall

Pokemon Switch - mid-late Fall

It's what I'm suspecting, anyway.

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So there have been some new rumors emerging in regards to the mystery game.


According to the source, the Metroid Prime Trilogy is going to be announced in an upcoming Nintendo Direct, either airing on February 13th or else announced on that day.

Furthermore, the source goes on to suggest that Mario Maker 2 is actually being made, though they are unclear whether or not this will be unveiled on said Direct.

Lastly, the article states that a new 2D Zelda game is on the way to whet our appetite while the next 3D Zelda remains in development stages, as well as ports of Pikmin 3 and the Boxboy games.

Not sure if I believe all of it or not, but it's good news if it's true. Kind of surprised they're suggesting a pikmin 3 port since a pikmin 4 was rumored to be in the works at one point, but as I've never played 3 I'm not complaining either way. It would also make sense if that is the "2013" port everyone has been speculating about. Wonder if it'll be just a straight port though, or an updated one?

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@Ovirew: Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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@speeny: No problem. I know most people don't check the Nintendo forum so they didn't see this, but anyway someone else posted a thread about it in System Wars since then.

I guess on Wednesday or Thursday we should hear something if this Direct is happening.