So theyll put Tokyo on Switch

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....but not Super Mario 3D World? It was one of the best games on Wii U and best selling games on Wii U. So many games have gotten ported and re-released for Switch but not this mone. Can’t believe they haven’t ported it yet but Tokyo Mirage Sessions, one of the most obscure Wii U games, is getting re-released lol

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I think they are saving 3D World to fill a lull in big 1st party releases. That game will actually move systems. TMS is getting released hot on the heals of a very good year. I think Nintendo is more giving TMS a second chance, whereas Mario would be expected to carry the system for a while.

Or, 3D World may be getting a full on sequel.

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@judaspete: I think that's the case, too. Nintendo is probably waiting to use Wii U games to fill out their release schedule. They haven't brought over Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World, or Xenoblade Chronicles X. All of which should run and look better on the Switch. If their lineup starts to get thin, they can reach into the bag and pull one of those out.

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Nintendo port business is live and well it seems.