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Howdy, my boy just received Skylanders Giants for the Wii for Christmas. My question is, while it is my understanding you can play characters from previous games on this one, say I find an unused Adventures Skylander from a previous game and start using it on Giants. Will it still be possible to upgrade the character as usual on Giants? Or is that something that will need to be done ON the previous game prior to bringing them in?
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I don't own the game but I would believe that you can start fresh on the new game using a skylander from the original. That'd be kinda odd if you couldn't
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All Series 1 characters work on Giants. If you have figures from Series 1 that were used in the first game, all of their stats, XP and gold transfer as well since all of the stats are saved to that character. When you place figures on the portal in Giants it will even let you know what series that character is if it isn't one of the new characters.