Round 2 Samus VS. Fox VS. Pit

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Samus won the last round due to her range. So lets have another showdown

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fox wins his ability to move super fast and samuses gun doesn't do much to him pit is good but fox is great thread over lol
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Tough call but I will have to go with Fox.

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Samus still wins. :?
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samus easy arm cannon , morph ball, grapple attack, missles and lets not forget phazon attacks

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Fox has a ship that can actually do something besides move you from place to place, so he would own Samus. But of course, Pit is a supernatural being so I don't think either of them stand a chance against him.
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fox for sure.

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If they aren't using their ships, samus. she has the most powerful and advanced weapons/armor

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Like I mentioned in the last thread, samus lays a power bombs, the bombs goes off, samus basks in her easy victory. :P

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well i pwn allso there
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Why no poll. I vote samus
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The question here is would Fox's blaster do enough damage to the Varia suit.

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Fox is cool but Samus will win. Fox don't have any armor for protecting himself against Samus' onslaught :D

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Samus, every time. She could blow Fox up with a couple of missiles and Phazon.
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Samus yet again. Super fast movement was given to Samus on Super Metroid so Fox's super speed wouldn't do a thing. Samus' ship is clearly more maneuvarable than fox's due to the fact that it gets her off of planets within seconds, it is definitely more defensive than fox's ship due to the fact that it withstands supernova blasts among other things. Pit on the other hand in his original games, really sucks.

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Fox can't even hurt Samus. Samus wins no doubt. Pit shouldn't count.

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Fox can't even hurt Samus. Samus wins no doubt. Pit shouldn't count.

None of Samus' ranged attacks can even hit Fox with his reflector.
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Samus would own and her suit gives her a strong defense!
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Pit needs fans too. Go Pit :D