Reviews on FIFA 19 TOTY Marcelo 94 Card

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Pace: Definitely feels quicker than 90 Pace - I'd express more like 95, even without a lift to it. This because of the mix of his player show, staggering dexterity and parity, and his 90 base Pace detail. I had no issue with his pace - he didn't get pounded even once that left side in those 10 recreations, and his pace was sufficient to take him past each restriction midfielder and a decent number of resistance right backs.

Spilling: Fantastic. Not Mbappe level, but rather close. In the same class as Kante, IMO. He's so coordinated, so deft, so exquisite on the ball. He's difficult to wrong foot, since he recoups immediately. This is extremely imperative for a LB, since such a large number of tip top right wingers are inconceivably nimble - he managed every one of them effortlessly. In the midfield, this spryness and equalization makes him fantastically hard to stop - he can simply alter course the minute the adversary draws near to him, and he can without much of a stretch avoid a test. The ball is stuck to his feet as he runs, so he never loses it, enabling you to go on mazy keeps running down the wing or through the center of the recreation center. Truly, Marcelo's spilling is all that you could need in a player.

Shielding: Fantastic. With an Anchor, he gets 99 Interceptions, Sliding and Standing Tackles, just as 90 Marking. He's a protective machine. He peruses each pass (much like Kante), and once he draws sufficiently near to handle, he's leaving ceaselessly with the ball 100% of the time. Thrilling. Indeed, even without a guarded lift, his base cautious details are sufficient to make him outstanding amongst other protective players in the amusement - he peruses each play, wins each handle. His cautious situating isn't an issue either - I realize he has the H/L work rates and just 86 Marking, yet in the event that you set his guidelines right, he'll never be out of position. Goodness, and he's fair noticeable all around as well - except if he's up against the tallest players, he will stand his ground.

Quality/Aggression: Perfect. He has 86 Strength and 93 Aggression, yet his body type in diversion influences him to appear significantly more grounded than he really is. In those 10 recreations, there was possibly time when he was tormented off the ball, and that was by a 91 Vieira. He wins fights against any correct wingers effortlessly, and in the midfield, he'll win the dominant part of 50-50 challenges. He's likewise staggeringly difficult to confiscate - the mix of Strength, Aggression and extraordinary equalization makes him a genuine bulldog.

Passing: More than enough for a focal midfielder. Incredible vision and short going, with more than respectable long passing. Didn't lose a ball for me amidst the recreation center. Great bend too.

Intersection: Incredible. The best intersection I've seen for the current year. Get him into a not too bad position, and fire in a cross, and he will hit the objective, as well as he will do as such at pace. He hits those crosses so rapidly thus precise that the resistance guard get no opportunity to respond. He ought to have piled on 4-5 additional helps, however Rivaldo hit the post a cluster of times off Marcelo's crosses. This is the reason I cherished utilizing him a LCM in the 433(4) - the minute he got wide, his intersection was a decent alternative, regardless of whether we has 40 yards out or on the objective line.

Shooting: Makes extraordinary keeps running in behind, and when he arrives, he has all that anyone could need completing to cover it. The strangely high shot power truly helps in such manner - regardless of whether he doesn't hit the sides of the objective, it's still more than likely going to compel a frantic spare, or simply gun into the net. His long shots were not too bad - he hit the objective constantly, and hit the woodwork twice. His artfulness shots were great - two of his five objectives originated from coordinated artfulness shots from fresh.

Expertise Moves: Five-star ability moves. It doesn't beat that. Joined with his pace, spilling and quality, he can move beyond anybody. It enables him to move beyond right backs previously whipping in executioner crosses, it gives him a chance to move beyond restricting midfielders or protectors. He's such a great amount of amusing to utilize. He executes abilities consummately, and enters and leaves them with pace. Incredible.

Feeble Foot: Four-star powerless foot that feels practically like a five-star. Truly, his crosses from his privilege were in the same class as the ones to his left side, and everything except the more drawn out passes fell off impeccably. The main time you could feel that it was definitely not a five-star feeble foot was the point at which it went to his shooting.

Stamina: 99 Stamina. He can present to everything amusement long.

Size of the lift: This is his solitary con, and it is a bizarre one, however it's something that has been pestering me. Of all the TOTY things, Marcelo has gotten the littlest lift - he gets an increase in 11 less face details than the nearest thing. What's more, contrasted with the "bring down evaluated" TOTY things, his lift is altogether lower - here is my synopsis of the lifts the TOTY things have gotten. To put it plainly, I don't know whether Marcelo's lifts are genuinely "TOTY-quality". Obviously, in the event that you disregard the real numbers, and pass by how he plays in-diversion, it's an alternate story. However, it's only something to remember - he's not as lightyears in front of his opposition detail insightful. More details can be found on FIFACOIN.

I adored this uncommon player thing. At LB, he's unmatched - he's obviously better than the contenders (SIF Sandro, RTTF Telles, Jordi Alba). Move him to CM, and he'll destroy it for you (he may really be my most loved CM this year, in front of even Gerrard). He can truly do everything. He's so snappy, immaculate on the ball, unbelievable protectively, an awesome passer, an outright tank, and has the five-star abilities and four-star powerless foot.

Be that as it may, for me, it comes down to this. In the event that you will get this thing, and use it as a leftback, he's not justified, despite any potential benefits. As an unadulterated leftback, every one of the contenders I referenced above will carry out the responsibility. They may not quit everything Marcelo will stop, or produce every one of the odds he does, yet they will do 90% too for a small amount of the expense. The manner in which this amusement is, the length of your left back is pacey, solid, has average protective details and can fire in a mean cross, they'll do the business - it is anything but a position where you ought to drop over a million coins (except if you have the coins to save).

Be that as it may, in the event that you will utilize him as I did, as a focal midfielder (or even as a LW/LM - I changed him to LW for a smidgen and he slaughtered it), he's totally justified, despite all the trouble. For not exactly a large portion of the cost of TOTY Kante, you are getting a thing that (even on 6 chem) isn't as incredible protectively, yet practically identical disagreeably, and certainly progressively amusing to utilize. I sold him on with the expectation of re-purchasing this end of the week, and once I get him once more, he's not going anyplace. This man is a midfield juggernaut who won't be bettered until TOTS, and potentially past.