Recommend A DS Game?

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Ok, 3DS soon :) skinting myself for this, just a shame the launch day games are.... poor.
Not too arsed about the 3D myself so could anyone recommend a badass DS game that will keep my satisfied for a while :) playing Pokemon Black and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn at the moment but am willing to put them aside for a bit.
Don't have a prefrence on genre, I enjoy all genres as long as the game is good, so any ideas guys? much appreciated.
JimmyEcho :)

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Uhh if you haven't picked up the other Pokemon titles like Heart Gold / Soul Silver or Platinum, those are great... and New Super Mario Bros is good too. Theres a recommendation thread on the DS forums that has lots of reccomended games, you should probably use that.
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and New Super Mario Bros is good too. rubber-chicken

NSMB or Chrono Trigger if you'd rather play an RPG

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Hotel Dusk: Room 215 if you like reading and conversation. Call of Duty 4, MW, or black ops if you like FPS. Glory Days 2 if you like 2D air combat/ fast paced RTS. N+ if you like puzzle platforming. Bangai-O Spirits if you like action puzzling. GTA: Chinatown Wars if you like... GTA games(or ever yearned to be a drug king pin). Lord of the Ring: Conquest if you like minimally strategic hack 'n slash(not held as the best game ever, but I've spent many hours in it). DISCLAIMER: This list is just some of my favorites, and therefore might not be for everyone.
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If you don't mind a bit of thinking, I'd say any of the Professor Layton series, although in my opinion the first one is the best. It's a beautiful game, including audio, with neat puzzles and can take a while to get though. Plus there are loads of bonus puzzles, even after you've finished the story arc. However, it doesn't have much replay value unless you leave it for a while so you forget all the answers to the puzzles before you play again. But I definitely recommend it, especially if you're a fan of puzzle/detective games. If you're in for something more action-oriented, I'd suggest Rune Factory. It's a fun game that nicely incorporates the idea of a farming Harvest Moon-type game with the dungeon crawlers we're all so fond of. It's a good solid game and although it can get a little tedious sometimes, it can be really rewarding if you stick with it. While it doesn't bring anything fantastically new to the table, it's a lot of fun even after you've completed the storyline, with loads of side-quests such as expanding your house, befriending monsters, and improving your relationships with the villagers. I've had it for about a year and I still pull it out when I'm bored and putter around on my farm. Last one, I promise; you can never go wrong with Mario Kart. No real story arc or anything, so you just sort of do the races. Beat tracks to unlock new races, characters, and cars. Fun little side games including a nice set of missions which get progressively harder. Awesome for multiplayer. You probably are familier with it, so I'm not gonna say anything more. Looking back on this, it's sounding like a series of small reviews, which is a little embarrassing. Uh, anyway, I hope this helps!