PSA: Switch version of Bloodstained has Rocky Launch

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Despite launching a week later on the Nintendo Switch, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is reportedly in pretty rough shape. The lower detail quality and framerate drops might have been expected, but users are reporting that the game is crashing a lot as well.

Most of the finger-pointing seems to be at Bloodstained being developed in the Unity engine. Apparently a lot of games that have been made in Unity have had issues being ported onto the Switch. Other suggestions is that Iga's team simply wasn't experienced enough at coding the game for different platforms.

It's worth noting that there have been some criticisms of the other console ports of Bloodstained, with the PC version by and far being the most-praised. But no release of the game has had the level of issues that are being mentioned in the Switch version.

I'm disappointed because I was planning on getting the Switch version of the game at some point, but it's currently not an issue for me since I probably won't get to pick up a copy for a while yet. Still, if these problems aren't fixed with future patches, then that's a pretty devastating loss for the Switch.

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I'm not particularly interested in it, but it's a shame... Switch should be the lead platform for a game like this (imo of course).

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My Backer code was for PS4. I was always sceptical on the Switch port coming so late (replacing Vita and WiiU) and handled by a developer known for mix results.

May have intended to get the Switch port later. But from the looks of it. Probably better I don't. Shame, I grabbed the CastleVania: Collection on three platforms and is solid on everything I got it on.