Prince of persia rival swords frist boss help

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ok this is really starting to piss me off rigth i get to the arena boss i climb up to get to his eye level then i go into matrix mode stab him in the shoulder and froom their i can t do nuthing wth do i do. someoen plz help me argh even when i spaz with the wii mote wehn im running along his shoulders and until he grabs me it does nuthing argh am i patheric or what
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Everything you're doingis right, I spent days on this **** level it also drove crazy, I even bit the controller!! You jump when the action circle comes on, he should pick you up then when the action thing comes up stab him in the hand, he'll throw you on his shoulder and bow his head sora then there will be another action thing you stab again and he should run on top of his head and stab him in the eye,, When you finally get and you will, you have to keep stabbing him in the legs be careful though cos he hits the ground randomly cos he cnt s. This willkill you. So avoid that, you'll get it!!
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You have the right idea, but you're not implementing it fully.  Once you get that first attack on him your dagger will flash again, and again, and again.  Every time it flashes you need to shake your nunchuck.  By the way, there are 3 parts to this fight.

After you get that done, you'll need to clime the other platform in the arena and repeat the same thing.  After that you'll attack the Golems legs until he goes down on one knee, then you'll shake the nunchuk again and finish him off.