Prediction; Killer Instinct (2013) on Switch

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With Cuphead on Switch it no longer seems like an absurd idea.

So like many, I just don't have an Xbox One (no disrespect to those who do. Choices are awesome)

When KI complete came to Steam I did buy the P.C. version. Just to find out no one really plays it online. . Which is a shame considering the quality now that it's a complete package. And without an active community Fighters just die-out.

In my opinion this reboot is a pretty good fighting game. Super Smash Bros Ultimate, while fun with friends just has awful net-code and online features, and it's a nightmare to enjoy when not playing locally.

On a popular system, with a history with the franchise, and a way to give the game fresh life I see no reason not to port. Also I imagine online functionality would be a priority to the port.

So what do you think Nintendo Fans, want your Combo Breakers to come back home. Or think it's better off gathering dust?

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I'd buy it.