Poll: Which DS castlevania is better?

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#1 Posted by LastSamurai14 (1012 posts) -

Features, longeivity, extras, etc.

So far, all I know is that Dawn of Sorrow overall has better scores, so 1 point for Dawn of Sorrow.

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#2 Posted by SoldatKnight (1554 posts) -
I liked DoS more I think it's a longer game also. Both are good and give you different characters for replay after you beat them once.
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#3 Posted by ballasteve (461 posts) -
i liked PoR better. i loved the whole johnathan/charlotte switcharoo thing. it was sweet. and i think it had a bit of a better storyline, but hey, to each his own
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#4 Posted by AlexandriaZ (25107 posts) -

In all honesty, I liked Portrait of Ruin better.

It is much harder than Dawn of Sorrow, the cast is much better and the interactions are better developed, and the dungeon design has the much needed variety the series should be getting.

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#5 Posted by zeppelin_64 (3924 posts) -
so far i like PoR better, but i'm not done DoS yet.
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#6 Posted by Denjin_hadouken (5927 posts) -
Dawn of Sorrow.
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#7 Posted by Brainhunter (2201 posts) -
I preferred the soul collection system from DoS, and the more mature theme overall (PoR is too anime-shounen styled for it to be truly Castlevania-ish).
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#8 Posted by Metamorbis (152 posts) -
Dawn of Sorrow, definitely. It was much more organized and the two-person system of Portrait of Ruin just annoyed me.
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#9 Posted by Silk_Wood (1778 posts) -
I dunno, both were insane and I won't pick a side but I think if they make a game with the feautres of both games, that would kick some butt
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#10 Posted by Lady_Kikyo (54 posts) -
I preferred the soul collection system from DoS, and the more mature theme overall (PoR is too anime-shounen styled for it to be truly Castlevania-ish).Brainhunter
THANK YOU! (Finallys someone thinks what I think about PoR!) Well anyways, I say DoS, PoR was good but it was kinda short and DoS is longer than it I think...and when you're done with DoS, you can buy PoR!
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#11 Posted by draftrough (502 posts) -
i vote dos but thats the only one i have at the momment so my vote shouldnt really be looked upon :)
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#12 Posted by Rockhopper_45 (1045 posts) -
I liked DoS (witch souls RULE)
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#13 Posted by podliver (1765 posts) -

I liked DoS (witch souls RULE)Rockhopper_45

DoS...but that's the only one I've played :D

but from what I've heard about PoR, DoS sounds better...

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#14 Posted by Tonindo (563 posts) -

Dawn of Sorrow is the better game. It's longer, it has the soul system (which rocks), and it's just overall a better game.

The painting thingy made Portrait of Ruin feel like less adventurous, which is not a bad thing depending on how you look at it. But some people prefer the other, and I'm one of them.

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#15 Posted by Grimmjow_J (53 posts) -