[Poll] Favorite 3DS XL Color?

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#51 Posted by Epak_ (9609 posts) -

I've got the the white one, it looks pretty sexy.


I bet it does, how's the material. Are you afraid that it might get yellow after a while?

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#52 Posted by ItsEvolution (2593 posts) -
I love my blue XL, but I'd like to see a purple one. The purple regular 3DS is gorgeous.
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#53 Posted by Sileviathan (158 posts) -
The blue one looks really nice.
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#54 Posted by sonyfreak456 (46 posts) -
Nintendo doesn't have my favorite color. A mewtwo purple 3DS XL would be great to get for promoting the new pokemon X and Y mewtwo. If that doesn't happen, then I'll get the yellow pikachu edition
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#55 Posted by darksongbird (1237 posts) -

I'm sure I'm not the first one to say that I like the Yellow Pikachu edition of the 3DS XL best. Yellow is my favorite color after all.

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#56 Posted by Superzone (3732 posts) -
I like the blue one currently, but I'm really hoping Nintendo releases a silver/platinum one in the U.S. and hopefully there will be a dark purple and green in the near future too. I'd like plenty of cool choices when I eventually upgrade to an XL.
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#57 Posted by final_lap (388 posts) -


guys I don't think he took that photo

if you search red 3DS XL in your favorite internet search engine, it's just one of the pics that comes up


I uploaded it back around launch, here and neogaf so it does pop up in image search. I did take the photo, though - I have the original over on my nas.

It's funny, before this thread was made, I posted the same pic on a thread on unikgamer.com when trying to decide which color XL to get. I didn't imagine to ever speak with the person who took the photo.