Pokemon X/Y Pokemon Village Banette Frustration!!!

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I have spent about 2 hours every day since last Wednesday trying to get a freaking Banette from the stupid shaking garbage cans. And each day I find one of the shaking cans I save infront of it so if I fail I can start it up and keep trying. So that's 8 hours of trying and no luck. Just freaking Garbodorsm now if it was a shiny one then I might catch it lol. BUT I DONT WANT THEM I HAVE SEEN LIKE 100 OF THEM. I have done 4 hours in X and 4 in Y AND NOTHING. Banette is the last Mega Pokémon I need. I have ever other freaking one you can possibly get at least so far, unless Game Freak adds more later lol.

What am I doing wrong.

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Apparently they only appear from the cans on Thursdays, and even then its kinda rare.


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How about you try and ask for one on the GTS or get FC to try and get someone with Ghost type safari to get a Shuppet. Cause Banette appear on thursdays in the trash cans and they are stilll rare to find.

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I was trying last Thursday (Halloween) Also I put my 3DS Clock to Thursday after Thursday passed. Why is Banette rare then any Legendary lol.