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I used to play a lot of Pokemon Black version. I have about 250 hours total with a maxed out Pokemon and all gym badges. If I were to sell the game, would this increase the price? (The fact that my account is pretty advanced). Regards, Will

Apolgies if this is the wrong place for posting these questions.

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No it is not, not at all. There are Pokémon editors out there that let you turn every Pokemon in a shiny, with max EV and IV. The market is overrun by those "hacked" Pokémon. You can not say which are legit aqnd which are not. So people would just assume you're another "hacker".

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Agree with the above. Nintendo games are commonly hacked and sold with complete lists.

Two further examples are Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter, who are also sadly notorious for it. I've read it is one reason Capcom MH division isn't too shocked P.C. hackers gave themselves infinite items, HR, armor, and weapons. They already had previous experience people doing it on the 3DS games, even has the same bug that breaks online play if a Hacker trades with you. . So yeah, hackers ruin everything. On P.C. or consoles/handhelds. .