Pokemon Black error code 86420

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#1 HumunuluApa
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Hello :) First of all, I'm sorry if someone started this discission already. I couldn't find it. But, I have this problem. Everytime when I want to trade with a friend from Pal Pad I got this error, but when I try GTS or GTS Negotiations everything is going well. It says: "If the problem still persists with the firewall off, you may need to open ports on your router through the Port Forwarding feature. Create a manual connection on your Nintendo DS and assign a static IP Address. Open ports 1 through 65535 as both TCP and UDP. Ensure the ports are forwarded to the same IP Address given to the Nintendo DS system during the manual setup." I have three routers. The first one is the normal Cisco router for my PC. The second one is the Cisco wireless router for my sister (connected on the first router), and the third one is the TP-Link (and that router is also connected on the Cisco router for the DSlite). The first step is done. But the second one is a little bit confusing. I think I opened the right ports like in the description. I wrote in the External port 1, and in the Internal port I wrote 65535. And then, I wrote the IP adress given to the DS system that i found in the game wi-fi settings. Clicked enabled and saved it. I really don't know much about PC's, I did this by looking at some random You Tube videos. Just now I tried to trade in the Pokemon wi-fi club with a friend and the error is still there :/ Thank you for your help :)