Pokemon Black 2, on 3DS XL

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Has any one played Pokemon Black 2 on a 3DS XL ? I would like to know if it comes up in the full size on the 3DS XL screen,I know it's in 2D, put want to know screen size.
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I just picked up black2 and have a 3dsxl but I have yet to try it yet.
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It's like every other DS game. You can play it zoomed which will fit vertically but you will still have black lines on the sides since the original DS isn't wide screen.
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It looks like garbage in my opinion. Glad this is the last DS game I buy. Bring on the 3D Pokemon already. As the poster above said it fits vertically but not horizontally.

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Thank's for your answers. " JustBoomer "
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hopefully the next game is better visually and has more 3d elements in it