Pokemon 2019 Press Conference live stream

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Today’s Pokemon 2019 Press Conference will be kicking off not too long from now. The festivities begin at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET / 2 AM in the UK / 3 AM in Europe.

It’s unclear what exactly will be discussed during the conference. Other than the fact that it will feature “a number of topics of interest to Pokémon fans”, nothing else is known at this time. Regardless, you can keep track of the event with the live stream above.

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So I didn't watch it, but I read that they discussed a mobile game, Detective Pikachu sequel for the Switch, a weird sleep mobile game, shirts, and a Bank-like HOME app where you can move pokemon between.

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The one about Sword and Shield was excellent.

Couldn't care for some dumb game about sleeping though. Seems as wasteful a project as Let's Go Pikachu/ Eevee.

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Yeah, the Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct was pretty good. Here, I'll get the video...:

Loading Video...

Here's a run-down of info I learned:

  • Between cities there is a large overworld referred to as the "Wild Area" or some such. Here you can freely control the camera, and - in a move that will please a lot of people - Pokémon appear walking around before you encounter them in the Wild Area.
  • New gimmick for this game is the "Dynamax" command. You can make your pokemon into a giant for three turns, and use super-powered attacks.
  • There are also special Dynamax Raid Battle feature in the game, where you can team up with other players to battle Dynamaxed pokemon, and capture them in special giant pokeballs. Obviously takes a stroke of inspiration from Pokémon Go Raid Battles. Unlike using the Dynamax command, these event Dynamax pokemon stay gigantic for the entire match.
  • Introduced us to a few story characters. The only one I am really concerned about is sweet Sonia, though...
  • Five brand new gen 8 pokemon were unveiled. From top left: Wooloo, Gossifleur, its evolution Eldegoss, Drednaw, and Corvinight. Corvinight is also a large transportation pokemon, used as an air taxi to travel throughout Galar.
  • We found out what the legendary pokemon are, and their names. Zacian and Zamazenta are two legendary wolves, Zacian has a sword, Zamazenta has a shield.
  • And lastly, we got that release date, and cover art! November 15th, 2019, mark the date!

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those giant evolutions are awesome.

i also love the 4player coop online mode they introduced.