Pogo and other internet stuff on the Wii?

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Does anyone know if the Pogo site works with the Wii Browser and controller? I heard of some Wii-specific game sites. Does anyone have a list? I looked but didn't see any info about downloading DS demos; Is that an option? Does Youtube or Cartoonnetwork.com come up OK?

I will have a Wii by 07/20/07 and am trying to decide if I should bother setting up a permanant internet connection or just link up to download VC games. Thanks in advance.

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Ah you have to have a pc internet connection anyway to make the wii goonline. The wii browser uses an existing connection it doesn't make it's own. It's an auxillary browser in other words.

As for Pogo I believe Pogo commented as of now no they don't support the wii browser.

Several other companies have said they will support the wii opera browser by creating special sites for it to use. Adultswim and Cartoon network for instance.