Official Nintendo ID Exchange Thread - Switch/3DS/Wii U

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This thread is for the GameSpot community to exchange their Switch, Wii U, and 3DS friend codes and User IDs with each other. Please feel free to post your own. This opening post will be updated at the discretion of the site moderators. If you decide to add a person from this list, remember to send them a pm letting them know you added them so they can add you back. If you plan on adding a post to update on the people you have added from the community please avoid double posting and edit your original post to prevent the thread from clogging up.

For the moment I'll start the list fresh. A lot of users who may not be active anymore. So time to check in and post your USER ID, and sometime down the line I may go back to the old friend code lists and add a number of them.


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Wii U

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*Updated through post #7.

GS User NameSwitch FCNNID (Wii U)3DS FCMisc Info
ArchoNils22177-7448-1504ArchoNils1504-5679-7938Wii: 2470-0429-5327-7085
Bella-Cipher3110-8467-5368Animal Crossing & Smash Bros.
Rikusaki0707-1759-0783Fast RMX & Breath of the Wild
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GS Username: bdmckinley

Switch FC: SW-7041-6503-0347

NNID: mustangfreak

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I already started a list in my Switch Hype thread. You might want to add those as well?

@zassimick: 5526-4515-3313

@ArchoNils2: 2177-7448-1504

@ShadowDeathX: 0343-2780-0241

@charizard1605: 2801-3421-1729

@LegatoSkyheart: 8458-7585-1978

@Micropixel: 7760-2079-7023

@Flubbbs: 4555-6438-3598

@Sgt_Crow: 6118-0080-4151

@jumpaction: 8294-0967-3884

My Data:

Switch: 2177-7448-1504

WiiU: ArchoNils

3DS: 1504-5679-7938

Wii: 2470 0429 5327 7085

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Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros. The Nintendo Hype is real for me! (DM me when you add me as a friend)

3DS: 3110-8467-5368

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I have the Switch with BOTW and Fast RMX.


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Feel free to add me on Switch. :)

My FC can be found in @ArchoNils2's post.

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Switch friendcode 1107-7209-3420

Add me for mario kart coming up!

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Switch: SW-3558-8078-3499

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Switch: SW-8241-8468-8312

Wii U: OctaviusZarda

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Switch: SW-8018-4142-0729

Wii U: silkylove

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I added most of y'all and here is my Switch Code: SW 6294 0119 2228

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switch fc 0519-8110-5525

nnid cpm001

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Switch Friend Code: SW-5911-5353-4323

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Switch: SW-8350-1772-7327

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Feel free to add me!

3DS: 1779-4103-6769

I have Super Smash Bros 4 and MarioKart 7

(I have more but I wont mention them here)

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Switch: 4474 3925 1990

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Is this realy good

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Yooo! Add me: 3DS-4356-5590-9590

I play Super Mario Maker and Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon A LOT.

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Switch: SW-5424-0697-9400

Currently only have MK8D for online play. If you add me I will add back.

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High please ad me I'm on 3DS XL I play pokemon games yellow red silver gold x/y blue pokemon ultra sun and pokemon black 2



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I know it´s not an Id, but i want you guys to check out this video montage of nintendo an its history.