Nintendo Wii graphics problems - any help?

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So I just got a refurbished Wii from Gamestop, it seems to work fine except when I load Xenoblade Chronicles the image constantly shifts to the left (creating a flickering from side to side). The Wii runs The Last Story fine though.

Anyone else have a problem like this? (and is it a problem with the Wii or with Xenoblade?)

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@farrell2k said:

Nope. Sounds like a hardware problem. Swap it out.

On the contrary it sounds like the game if his other games aren't having problems. I would try seeing if you can get a different copy to see if it still happens TC, also make sure to double check your video cables to be on the safe side.

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What kind of TV are you playing on? I had issues with Xenoblade's image on my HD TV, but it worked fine on an my SD TV.

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Odd that Xenoblade gives you problems, but The Last Story doesn't. TLS practically brings Wii to its knees in some sections, causing everything to slow to a crawl. You might have a bad disc. Do you know a friend who has a Wii? I'd try running it on their system to be sure. If it runs fine over there, it's probably the hardware.