Nintendo Switch - What's everyone's best of 2018?

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Hey Everyone!

H-BOB-OMB! Here,

A lot of people were asking me what i'd choose as my favorite Switch games from last year so I made a little video about it, which you can see here:

But more importantly, what games would you all consider to be your best picks of 2018?

I'm always looking for recommendations and I'm a sucker for indie games!

Cheers -- H-BOB-OMB!

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The Messenger

Dead Cells

Octopath Traveler

A Night in the Woods

Smash Bros

Sooooooo much fun and value in these pickups. It was a great year for gaming on the Switch for me.

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monster hunter gen ultimate. MH was one of the main reasons i got a switch and it delivered. sure its a port of a 3DS game but it's still brilliant and absolutely huge. the switch in particular makes for a nice home for MH too.

ocotopath traveller was also solid though a bit of a missed opportunity imho.

I dont have smash yet.

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your video says no "major" 1st party or 3rd party?

in that case:

RBI baseball 18


nba playgrounds 2

capcom beat em up bundle (basically for final fight online)

sega genesis classics collection (basically for streets of rage online)

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Overcooked 2 was fun. So was Mario Party. I think Animal Crossing will be my highlight of 2019 though.

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As someone who got his Nintendo Switch this past November ... i really want to say Ultimate (terrific, terrific game and the best way for Sakurai to say goodbye) or maybe even Odyssey (another excellent game) but above all my expectations ... my favorite game from 2018 was Hollow Knight.

Yes, i'm aware that the game is from 2017, but i never had the chance to play it ... in fact i didn't knew much about it, but when i saw it at 5$ and after reading a bit about the game, i decided to get it ... oh boy, i'm in loved with that game so much.