Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite

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I was just wondering what peoples opinions are on the new switch? Personally, I think that the Lite is a bit overpriced for what it offers as I thought the whole thing which made the original Switch great was the ability to play it on your tv with friends. I understand that some people may only use it as a portable device and so it's a great release if that's all you plan to do but I just think that its a step backwards. The fact that some games which require the Joy-Cons aren't going to be playable is also a sore point, if you want to play them then you have to purchase separate Joy-Cons which would bring the total price up close to the value of the original version. Am I being too picky or do other people share these concerns?

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Unless there was a performance increase with the hardware, no thanks.

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The Switch Lite is just a cheaper, less good version of the regular Switch. If you already have a Switch, then you already have the better version.

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Does the Nintendo Switch Lite have a cartridge slot for physical games or is it digital only?

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@livingdeadman: I believe it does still has a slot for physical games but because it doesn't have detachable Joy-Cons some of the motion games won't be playable unless you buy some.

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My only worry is if Nintendo start releasing dock only games which aren't compatible down the line.

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I think it'd be good for one of my siblings to pick up. But for me, I'm sticking with the original. Even the model with the slightly better battery life probably isn't going to be enough to replace my current Switch at the moment.

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@tomsharp: Okay, thank you.

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Does anyone know when the Nintendo Switch Battery Life Upgrade version releases?

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@livingdeadman: They are available for pre order at most retailers now, and should be hitting the shelves soon. You will have to look for the new box that has a black background instead of white. The Serial Number is different too.

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I like the Switch better

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@bgres077: Thank you.

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There's a much larger demand for portable gaming in Asia than there is here in North America. That being said I understand if places like Japan were the target demographic for the Lite, but it's useless elsewhere. You're better off just spending the extra $100 USD and getting the OG Switch with it's vastly superior design and support.