Nintendo Switch and headset mics.

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Ok, so there's been a few people reporting that they can't get headset mics to work on the Switch. Some get them to work with no problem while other not at all. I'm the later, I have got my headset to work a couple of times but not consistently. I now have 3 headsets and think I may have gotten to the bottom of it and need some help confirming.

So, I have a powerA fusion, Turtle beach battle buds and elite 800. I've never got the battle buds to work despite the box saying they're specifically for the Switch. The PowerA has worked a couple of times. Now the Elite 800 works every time. I just wondered, could the switch have issues with non-powered headset mics?

Does anyone else have similar headsets to try? I just want to see if this works for others with the same issue.


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I haven't tried it. But, I know we all want it. Especially with something like Mario Kart.