Nintendo shows love for TW101 in SSB4

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Was hoping for a playable character, seemed like a perfect fit for the game

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I just checked the official site,but it seems that the details are unknown,I happen to believe that it's gotta be among the assist trophies,as a background character,or just a collectible trophy

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Would be a great secret unlock character. :)

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@superbuuman said:

Would be a great secret unlock character. :)

That he would, but Nintendo typically keeps its rosters a generation behind.

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Wonder Red is a NEW character from a game that flopped. He doesn't deserve a character spot on the roster.

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@Master_Of_Fools: They keep bringing back Ness and added Lucas, and they have pretty much only ever been in SNES RPGs. Apart from that, nothing of note (besides Smash Bros).

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It would have been pretty cool if Wonder Red had made it into the roster.