Nintendo fee to repair Wii Remote?

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The 2 button stopped working on my original Wii remote I guess during sometime ago. I just turned my Wii back on after maybe a year because I wanted to my Metroid Prime Trilogy. I started hitting the 2 button because the game told me I can see info on the things I scanned. It wouldn't work, so I thought maybe I have to be in the map to do it. I then hit my + button and see that the 2 button turns the legend on and off, so I hit the 2 button again. I noticed that it wasn't working and pressed it like 30 times out of frustration, lol.

Afterwards, I thought, "Ok... Let's make sure if the controller is broken". I pop in Metroid Other M and start playing it, I would hit the 2 button and nothing would happen. After I finally got the picture, I decided to go to Nintendo's official site and get the telephone number to their offices to get mine repaired (The remotes being sold on amazon and gamestop are over $30). I was hoping there would be a page with the fee's but couldn't find one. I called and got a machine telling me the offices were closed. I googled it and couldn't find any info on it. It's almost like Nintendo is assassinating people who are trying to spill the beans and snap their necks before they hit the send button, haha.

Has anyone here ever got a Wii remote or anything repaired by Nintendo before? Is it expensive?

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have you ever find a youtube video that does something like this but for free? I think it's a possibility,but that "Y" screw made the fixing look difficult.

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send a wiimote in for repair?

lol thats a joke....just buy a new one either new or used much cheaper and faster.

just make sure its a official nintendo one.

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A new Wii Remote controller is about $44.00 you might just buy a new one. Since shipping the broken controller to Nintendo of America plus the cost of the repair job. Might end up costing more than buying a new one.

You could just take the remote apart and clean the connections for the +,- home,A,1,2,power,buttons and the B trigger and the D pad. Put it back together yourself. If the wiimote is broken you have nothing less to lose.

So I would imagine that the cost of repair would be around $60.00 for the cost of shipping to NOA there and back. The parts and labour.

You are best just buying a new one.

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I called them and the guy helping me told me it would be better to buy a new or refurbished controller. From Nintendo the prices are $29.99 brand new and $16.99 refurbished. I bought the refurbished one since I'm low on cash at the moment, but looking at the prices on amazon, the Wii remote is on sale for $21.50 originally $29.99. The one with the motion plus built in is about 10 bucks higher.

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I got a 3rd party Wii Remote and nunchuck on eBay for under $20, works great. I've also seen official Nintendo ones on eBay for under $20.

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@etmaul said:

I got a 3rd party Wii Remote and nunchuck on eBay for under $20, works great. I've also seen official Nintendo ones on eBay for under $20.

I've seen them, but they're used. I have a slight phobia when it comes to used controllers or handheld gaming systems. I'd buy a refurbished item but if it's just being sold straight out a persons hands, then I will have second thoughts. Another persons hand sweat, and grease, and whatever else they touch with their hands still on the controllers make me cringe, haha. I bought a used GBA and I rubbed it down with rubbing alcohol, and I was wearing gloves because it had some kind of yellow stuff in between the little spaces, d-pad and other parts. It was pretty gross. The L button would be pressed and would stay down because there was some sticky stuff in there.