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Anyone ever had any trouble with the DS mic not working? My daughter plays with the Nintendogs allot and shes only 2 so No telling what she might have done but she got a new dog and when it comes to the part where it has to learn it's name we found out the mic wasn't working.. anyone had this problem and know a fix or am I out of luck? Thanks for any help.

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I'm not sure I can help, did the mic maybe not get wet? - (first thing that jumped to mind)
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K...if the mic isn't working that very are some things that might be the cause:

1: There's dust or something stuck or blocking the mic.

2: Your not talking loud enough when your speaking in the mic.

3: Your talking too loud 4 the mic.

..If none of these are the problem, then heres what you can do. There are some new gams that just came out that have a mic test on it. What you can do is do the mic test so then the mic can work again.One of the games that I have that DO have the mic test is Mario Party DS. If none of these work, then there's probably a shortage on the ds's mic. Anyways..thats all I can think of.

Hope it'll help!!:D


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If your DS isn't under warranty anymore, then your easiest fix is to buy the nintendo DS headset (around $10...and you can probably find it for less if you look hard enough). Here it is at Amazon: