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Hey everyone! So I'm thinking about buying a nintendo 3DS XL and legend of zelda to go with it. I'm a big fan of nintendo, but i never got around to buying my own 3DS. So my question is; does it make sense for me to do this now, or should i wait until nintendo releases its next handheld system and buy that instead? I am a little hesitant because when i was a kid, the gameboy advanced was released a week after i bought my gameboy colour. I know that won't be the case here, but i'm still curious. Thanks!

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You will be waiting many years for Nintendo's new handheld, so you can wait if you want. They haven't even said anything about a new handheld. Just got my 3DS XL last Thursday.

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I got my 3ds xl a few weeks ago solely for pokemon, and now I have over a dozen of games, including between worlds. Nintendo has yet to announce anything about a new system, and I doubt they would do so anytime soon. The 3ds family has a few years still.

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I don't see the 3DS going anywhere anytime soon. The DS came out at the tail end of 2004, and was around clear up until 2011 or so. Actually I guess it is still around.

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@gamerguy1415: The time was last week when Target and Amazon were selling them for $150.

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You have nothing to worry about. The 3DS is an awesome system.

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I think Nintendo is releasing Smash Bros for the 3DS (& Wii U) in 2014. This should become a very popular game. Nintendo will possibly release a few more popular games before moving on to the 3DS successor. I'm guessing the 3DS successor will arrive no earlier than 2015.