New Nintendo 2DS XL or New Nintendo 3DS XL

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What should I get as a new owner? What's the difference? Is it just that the 3DS XL has 3D that you can turn on or off? Thank you.

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The best ver is actually the smaller New 3ds. Can change plate and small form factor means its easier to bring anywhere. If not get the 2ds, I think the build quality is better and the 3D stuff is just gimmicks that you almost will never use.

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The New 3ds xl is the one I have and it’s great. If you have the money for it get that one cuz it’s the definitive 3ds. Some games actually look really cool with the 3d slider up a bit. Most don’t but it’s great to have the option.

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I've (well my kids) have both. one has the 3ds and ones got the 2ds both "new". The only difference is the 3d part, which I disabled anyway for health reasons.

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Okay I'll choose a New 2DS XL over New 3DS XL because I probably don't need 3D graphics. Thanks everyone!

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New 3DS XL. It's a great system.

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@livingdeadman: Ive got the 2ds XL, its nice and has a matt finnish, its lighter than the 3ds and has good speakers, nice big screen, the 3d function is kinda of worthless anyway imo.

also snag an R4 or one of these to go with it