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Okay, this is probably just me, but is anyone else hoping that Nintendo finally releases another two-dimensional Mario game? I've been expecting a surprise new game like this for a few years now, and it hasn't happened yet. Honestly, the 2D levels tend to be harder (with some exception, of course), and the three-dimensional ones more time-consuming.

While 3D is obviously the way for Nintendo to go generally, it seems a new 2D would take a lot less time and effort to produce, and elicit a positive response from those who knew Mario first as a flat game.

Plus, do you think there will be a new one at some point?

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@brianvansmith: Sure, why not. I think since Odyssey was such a huge success maybe making a successful 2D Mario game would be the next step. (Mario Maker games aside.)

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I think Mario maker 2 has the 2D series wrapped up.

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@robert_sparkes said:

I think Mario maker 2 has the 2D series wrapped up.

^ this

Mario Maker is the perfect 2D Mario game. It has endless content and a lot of very creative levels.

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They literally just did . Lol

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@speedfreak48t5p said:

They literally just did . Lol

Fair point, though I am thinking more in the way of classic 2D games that they stopped making about five years ago.

A ton of new ideas could be implemented (strict time limit levels, new landscapes, etc.), but it would be nice to see something a bit retro, in this.. retro-spect.

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For me personally, I'll always prefer the 3D Mario games... so I kinda hope they just stick with Mario Maker as their 2D game.

Unless they totally revamp it.

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I wish they'd do a new game with Super Mario Bros. 2 style and enemies. I know in Japan it's not really considered a canon Mario game but come on. There's gotta be so much to explore with that.

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Okay, I just found out that you have to PAY MONTHLY to post and play levels, so there's more reason we need another 2D game. I finished Story Mode in about a week, so that's a thing.