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Just came out today....

Gotta say, this game is pretty cool. I haven't gotten real far in the challeges, but i tried Championship mode, and that was really fun. Competing against others in a 6 minute 21 second challenge from Mario 1, 3, and Dr. Mario.

Then the new Luigi Bros game, which is basically Mario backwards. Hats off to Nintendo to bringing life to the classics. Never played Dr. mario, but gotta say, i think remix got me hooked.

Hats off to Nintendo!

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did you ever get nes remix 1?

i did..getting 3 rainbow stars is Hard.

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Yeah, I do have it. Having 1 and 2 unlocks the championship mode. Yeah, there are some tricky ones to get the rainbow 3 stars on the first. I think i got maybe 50% of them. I'm not even sure i went through all the mini games on it yet. Think i have them all unlocked, but left a few still to beat.

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Of course it isn't a replacement for an actual release of a good 1st or 3rd party title but it is quite fun for what it is.

1 & 2 are enjoyably fun and perhaps we'll see future titles dealing with newer systems than what we see from the NES days.

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Fun game even if the controls are not as good as with the original Nes pad. I hope they make a 16-bit remix as well.