My wii is black and white on TV, Help!

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#1 Posted by BlitZeN_NoVa (54 posts) -

I bought my Wii in Sweden this year, and came to korea. Everything was alright untill i tried to play the wii inkorea, then when i started the Wii console everything on the TV was black and white.

Can anyone explain why its black and white?

is it because the system is different? the Swedish System is PAL and i think the korean system is NTSC:J

so is it because the Wii is PAL and the TV is NTSC:J which makes the color black and white?

Please tell me what the problem is, its annoying to play the wii colorless.

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#2 Posted by aransom (7408 posts) -
PAL and NTSC aren't compatible, so that's probably why the Swedish Wii doesn't work on the Korean TV. I've heard a lot of European TVs support PAL and NTSC, but I don't think NTSC countries have TVs that support PAL.
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That is probably the reason, but if it definitely was that I would think the picture would not show up. The other thing is if you are using component cables (if they are able to be used) you need to make sure all the inputs are firmly in otherwise that can mess up your color also. But it probably does have something to do with the fact that the TV systems are different.