My Take on the New Zelda

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So I haven't been keeping up with the series, but I've probably clocked more time on the original than anyone posting here (my grandma bests me having beaten both quests 6 times apiece, but she's dead). Of course I did the Ocarina thing back in the day and my last time out was with the DS title.

The Zelda series is Nintendo's best effort at putting together a quality story-driven game with from their stable of characters, and it's not even that compelling of a narrative. Most of the titles can be classed as retellings of the same legend.

Am I upset they didn't go for the more realistic aethetic that drives sales and makes a killer app today? Only slightly disappointed. From what I gathered from the brief presentation the whimsical visuals that continue the Wind Waker tradition come with a very bold choice to move the camera away from Link and create a bigger field of vision. The world is now open, but massive and unique instead of a dead land between dungeons and nodes. It's more realistically busy and constructed in that regard. Now teasers usually play up the cinematic presentation, but if we can go by that fight at the end we could have a very different approach to encounters that makes unique and exciting.

Nintendo just needs to put his cap back on and call it good.