My idea for Nintendo's next console...

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Nintendo should expand on the concept of the Wii U and make the GamePad it's own handheld. You can take your console games with you by downloading them to the GamePad (the GamePad would have its own SD slot). Kind of like Sony's Remote Play but no need for a wifi connection.

Nintendo wouldn't have to worry about selling two separate platforms with seperate games, the two devices would be integrated seamlessly with each other.

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Not good

Besides impossible do you understand that the gamepad just streams from the Wii U, it's not actually playing anything.

Also the gamepad is 10 inches long and almost half a foot high, that's portable?

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@Jaysonguy: yes I know that. That's why I'm thinking they should merge their console and handheld and fully integrate them with each other. Have the GamePad be its own handheld that's tied to the console so developers only have to worry about making games for one platform. The OS, games, eShop, everything would be seamlessly integrated between the two platforms. As for the GamePad's size, that hasn't stopped people from carrying tablets everywhere. I see people with giant iPads all the time.

Think outside the box for a change.

Iwata already announced that their next console and handheld would be more unified and share a singular OS (similar to how Android and iOS work). I'm guessing you didn't read about Nintendo's investors meeting that happened yesterday.

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that is a great idea.