monster hunter 4 Direct (japan)

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#1 Posted by KBFloYd (19397 posts) -

looks like we are getting mario and luigi costumes skins for felynes in this game as well btw.

and zelda costumes for the hunter.

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#2 Posted by pierst179 (10805 posts) -

I am desperately looking forward to getting a US release date.

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I am desperately looking forward to getting a US release date.



Can't wait to slay some Tigrexes with the Sacred Bow.

And I've noticed that loading is a bit faster. Online looks great too.

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I already want this game, why show more things that only makes the wait more unbearable. Maybe not unbearable but it makes it sting. Announce a date for the rest of us capcom.
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Just here to say the same thing. Needs a US release date...badly.

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I cant wait to try out those new weps!

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and an EU release date would also be welcome...just putting that out there. EU first? :P
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Even with Zelda costumes, I'm not interested with the series.
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With or without the costumes, I don't care. I just want this game to be released in the US.