Monster Hunter 4 3DS NA box art

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its almost here guys :)

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Not too shabby. I'm not a big Monster Hunter fan though, so I probably won't get the game.

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Eh. Not a fan of the box art. The hunters and Gore Magala look too photoshopped and its not as dynamic as Japan's MH4 and MH4G boxarts:

I assume they wanted something with 4 hunters, to emphasize that this game supports both local and online multiplayer, unlike 3U, but it would have been nice if they did a bit more effort.

But who am I kidding? I'll probably download the game the second the clock hits midnight and let it devour another thousand hours of my life. I shall pour every ounce of blood and sweat onto this. My body and soul is ready.

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I'm probably downloading it, so I wont care about any boxart. I agree that the japanese boxart looks better though.

I can't freaking wait for the game. I've got nearly 400 hours on MH3U (3DS), am currently bored with it, need a new MH! Love the fact that it's both local and online, as I have at least 5 friends who are getting the game.

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Hm. I think I'd prefer a console version. Might hang out for a Wii U one if it ever comes out.

Also, I don't really like the NA box art.

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I'm a big Monster Hunter fan, but... I died a little on the inside when I realized it was time to give up hope for a Wii U port...


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@trugs26: im the same. i got MH3U for the 3DS and i didnt really like it (loved Mh3 on the wii so not a MH issue). got it for the wiiu and all is well once more.

its a type of game i much prefer to play on a console.

a wiiu version would be very nice so im also going to hold out for a while. plenty to kill in MH3U in the meantime.

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I don't really have a great eye to perceive tiny details when it comes to images, but those hunters strike me as poorly edited into the picture.

Anyway, I am ready to once again spend another 100+ hours of my life with a Monster Hunter game.

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Yea holding out for a Wii U version. Its Capcom, if you wait for it, it will come. :P

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@superbuuman: I'm still waiting for Dash 3. :(