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Apparently it could be announced at The Game Awards show, and has already been listed by a Swedish retailer. What are your guys'/girls' thoughts? Personally, I'm taking it with a pinch of salt, as have been let down before by rumours such as the Metal Gear and Fallout remasters.


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i already have it for the wiiu so i won't be getting it (although if its a HD remake of all 3 then.....maybe).

but for those who have not played them: 3 excellent games right there.

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Releasing the Trilogy for Switch could be a good stop-gap until Prime 4 is released.

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day 1 if true.

metroid prime 1 in HD? yes please. with joycon aiming just like wii had? double yes.

only a few more hours until we find out.

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persona 5 in smash.

no metroid :(

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Well, sorry for the false hope! 🤐

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Would have been a Day 1 purchase if true.

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I already own it, but I would happily buy it again for the Switch. Nintendo should consider making this happen. Get people ready for Metroid 4 when it ships.

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Man I hope this happens.