Mario Maker 2: What's Your Preferred Clear Rate

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Out of curiosity, what type of levels do you like in Mario Maker? Particularly, how difficult do you like them?

I'd say anywhere from 1-20% makes for a good challenge. Under one is usually a troll level and kind of annoying. "Don't press/speed run" levels are cool, but get old.

And, of course, I hope Nintendo stops tampering with the hardest levels by automatically deleting them. I had several levels removed in the first game, which I was NOT happy with.

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So it's odd. When I first learned that you could see a clear rate, I figured that designing my levels around an 80% (or even a 90%) player clear rate would be my goal. Because that means most people do finish the level. And as a rule it's easy as a level designer to design levels that are too hard for others who haven't been with you when you designed the level. So you have to always be aware of that.

But having now played around with the system for some time, it seems like it's not calculated the way I expected it to be? Levels that seem quite doable for most Mario players only have clear rates that are around 20% or even less.

Is it registering multiple tries from one account, or even counting every time you die as a new attempt even at a checkpoint? Because of course, that lowers the clear rates significantly. I was under the impression that a 60% clear rate would mean 60% of all players who ever tried your level, got to the end at least once.

If every try is considered... then it becomes much harder to find a sweet spot. I guess based on my limited experience so far, I would go with my gut and target a 20% clear rate and make sure that failing isn't too frustrating.

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Yes, it definitely counts every attempt.

So if I'm the first to try a level and I take 20 tries to beat it, the clear rate should be 5% - not 100%.

Also, after actually playing some Endless Expert levels today, I may need to upgrade my preferred percentages lol.