Mario Kart Wii Friend Codes

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I just bought Mario Kart Wii the other day and I have no friends. It's time to get some! Post your friend code below and I will add you. Thanks!


Mario Kart Wii Friend Code: 0731-6786-4685

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just so you know I didn't find there to be much point in adding friends in mario kart wii, facing friends isn't really any dif. then if you have no friends added. just you can do 1 on 1 matches with them and send them messages from the pre written messeages. really thats all.
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friend codes are great in MKW, you can meat up with your friends in regional or worldwide races, or join your friends in a room.

it helps getting you into groups that have the same VR as you do.

this game has the best friend code exchange imho.

you get a notice between races when your friends are online.

that said, TC, you will have better luck exchanging FCs over here:

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Please use this thread for MKW friend codes. It is located in the condensed sticky thread. Thanks!