Mario Kart: Thunderbolt can't hurt Star people, but can destroy items held by them.

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When I was playing Mario Kart 8, I got a Star, waited until I got to the next item box, used it, then got the next item, the Golden Mushroom, and I used it for a few seconds for more speed and power, but when the Thunderbolt strikes, I was unharmed due to the Star, but my Golden Mushroom was destroyed. I was still ok, because I was still Star invincible and still had good speed and power, but I was confused. Maybe, the items don't have that invincible power like the Star when you use it, and whenever you have an item, and there is a person who will use a Thunderbolt, whether you are invincible or not, that Thunderbolt will always destroy you're held item, so use it quickly if someone is about to use Thunderbolt.

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yup. star only makes your kart invincible not your items.

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@tma_hayabusa: Hello

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I’ve been playing this game for years now and I only just noticed that was a thing. LOL

Yep, it is one of the most satisfying feelings dodging the shock with a star. You can go from 12th to 3rd in some cases. ;)

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@speeny: Same. I guess I've never noticed it before because keeping the Star during a thunderbolt is such a huge advantage.

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@bgres077: I only play 200cc these days. 150cc feels too slow for me now that I’m used to playing on 200. Sometimes I forget most shroomless shortcuts can’t be done on 150cc and you learn the hard way lol.