Mario and luigi: partners in time vs Superstar saga

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#1 Posted by tuckingfypo (62 posts) -

hello everyone and mainly mario fans.

Today im here to ask the common mario player which/what do you prefer? in the red corner is Mario and Luigi superstar saga and then in the blue corner is Mario and Luigi partners in time. please post your opinions you dont have to own the games, you dont have to even of played them ever for all i care as long as you give your opinion and your reasons why.

ill start off: i preffered Mario and Luigi superstar saga mainly because of the humour in the text and the funny scenarios, I also prefer it because the boss battles arent as long :)

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#2 Posted by especensor (3180 posts) -

i have only played superstar saga properly, only played partners in time a bit at my friends.

but i like superstar saga alot more. it was just alot more original with all of its stuff. the humor with the starbeans cafe and stuff, and i found the characters more endearing. i also find the partners in time sprites (especially adult mario) alot worse than the superstar saga ones.

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#3 Posted by Yuppitt (437 posts) -

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. I loved that game so much. The last boss battle was so hectice, that I took like a few months break because I couldn't stand it. I came back and beat it later on though. Besides the last few battles, the game to me was so much fun, and I loved every minute of it.

I never finished Superstar saga.

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#4 Posted by columbo90210 (49 posts) -
dunno about super star saga, but i found PT to be one of the most boring games i have every played, mainly because it was waaayyyy to linear, far too easy (in that there were no challenging/interesting puzzles) and little enemy variation. its not a bad game, (graphics are nice, sound is fine and the dialog was funny in places) but i found it a snore fest
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#5 Posted by Sage320 (377 posts) -
super star saga i have had since like the week it came out? welll anyway i never beat it yet but it was really fun. I got my ds summer 06 so kind of late so i still dont own mario and luigi partners in time. superstar saga is fun but my only complaint is the final boss. I beat her one time but then the game pulled a metroid on me so i had to get out of the castle in time. needless to say i wasnt expecting this, i didnt know what to do, i was tired, i died...
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so far to summarise weve had two pro super star saga (me and espencensor) one pro partners in time (Yuppit) one undecided (sage320) and one con for PT (columbo90210)

so superstar is in the lead so far.

P.S. my birthday tommorow, finally a teenager. And im wondering what DS games i should get im looking at mech assault and F24 combined price = $50 . please give suggestions :)

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#7 Posted by ZidanneIX (25 posts) -

Wow this is a tough one.
But I would have to go with Superstar Saga.
I just loved the storyline, the characters, and the whole game overall.
I found myself laughing at so many moments in the game.
Especially the jokes that they poke at Luigi, man that was hilarious.

The battles were fun to do, and weren't so long that it would tire you out.
The music was one of my favourite soundtracks in a Mario game.
I found the battle theme music to be very catchy.
I would even randomly start humming it sometimes.

The characters were really good as well.
They each had a specific role to play, and they did it well.
Each character brought life to the game, and made it worth playing.
Overall, I loved this game, from the story to the characters to the music, etc.

Actually, now that I am talking about it, I think I'm going to go play it now. :P

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#8 Posted by Spirtsofdragon (99 posts) -

I would have to say that PIT has way too long boss battles but its pretty fun,and saga is kinda the prefered cuz its battles don't take anywhere as long but lengthy its just perfect more puzzles in it also, but PIt has some fun moments in it but i'd kinda prefer Saga but of course your chioce.:)

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#9 Posted by Linake (330 posts) -

I'd have to say Superstar Saga, too.

Partners in Time was interesting with the way that you had to use small/large Mario & Luigi for various things, but I found it difficult at times to control them all in the battles. I'd have to agree that the boss battles in PiT are far too long, too. One of the first ones I came across I was battling for about 30 minutes or more. . . and by that time you just want to pause and put the game down.

Superstar Saga was easier to control, a bit more fun to play, and I really just prefer having Mario & Luigi without their mini versons following them around. not sure why, I just do.

I didn't beat Cackletta in Superstar Saga, though. I tried several times, got fed up and haven't played since. Maybe one day I'll go back and try it again, but by then I'll have forgotten how to use my Bros moves. Meh.

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#10 Posted by orangew00t (212 posts) -
It's times like this I wish I could find my superstar saga, which I lost. Boo-Hoo. I definitely liked that game more that Partners in time, although I can't remember why exactly, other than that I liked the controls more. Sorry for the lack of support.
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#11 Posted by likesstuff (226 posts) -

I'm gonna have to say Superstar Saga.

It's not that PiT wasn't fun, in fact I found it one of the best DS games I've ever played. It's just that Superstar Saga was so much more original and PiT just sort of followed in its footsteps. Though I never actually finished Superstar Saga, I went back to it years later and didn't have a clue what I was doing.

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#12 Posted by Andrn (2098 posts) -

Superstar Saga (because PiT doesn't have Bros. Attacks)

Great all the way through, and I even beat the last boss, which was pretty much impossible (for me) in PiT.