Madden 20 on Switch?

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Since EA has wanted to hold off on developing anything notable for the Switch until it proved profitable, what are your thoughts on Madden 20 coming to Switch. I have zero interest in sports titles but you have to wonder with the way Nintendo did a complete 180 vs the Wii U that EA is kicking themselves for missing out on some easy money. 2K has proven that good sports titles like NBA2K series sell pretty well, unlike WWE 2K18 (lol).

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Give me a retro Madden (similar to the days of the SNES/Genesis) with current features and I'd be on board.

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its possible. on wiiU they put madden on it for the 1st year but the 2nd year they pulled out of wiiU. must not of sold.

however with switch they put fifa on it and then in the 2nd year they put it again.

it's safe to say they are making some kind of money off switch. They might actually try to put in a little more work this year and see if it pays off.

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I'd buy it even though I'm not a huge fan of the NFL, but I still like a decent game of football. I would hope if we do see Madden 20 on the Switch that it's the real deal and not a stripped down version missing half the gameplay features (I'm OK with reduced graphics fidelity).