Loving this 3DS XL Case

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I live in Australia and I got a 3DS XL not too long ago, and needed a case for it. This is where my journey began... after weeks of trying many stores only to find Mario or Pink 3DS only cases, but I wanted a generic one even looked at pencil cases/PS Vita cases but still no luck.... I had lost hope. So today I went out looking again wishful thinking I guess AND THEN I found it a gem of a case and it was in a clearance box in JBHIFI. It cost me $15 well worth it. It holds 12 cartridges, the 3DS XL is really easy to get out when on the go and very good build quality. It is made by PowerA I recommend the brand after doing some research to others.

Here is what it looks like: i.imgur.com/pumukfm.jpg

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Nice, also I linked the picture for ya.

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Good for you. Personally, it looks too big. I like cases which minimise the space it occupies, as well as stores around 3 games inside the case. I have yet to find one for my XL. I got a good one for my 3DS Normal though, found here:


It has a nice leather design with red stitching. Which looks nice.