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So I find myself somewhat interested in getting either a DS or 3DS.  I'm on somewhat of a budget so this is why I'm creating this thread, if not I'd likely just go get a 3DS.  I may still get a 3DS if it is that much better but I'm hoping you all can help me on this.

The main things I want to play are Pokemon (prob the newest one on whichever system I get) and Mario games (definitely want to get the portable verison of Mario 64).  The only game I'm really interested in for the 3DS is monster hunter, but I have the PSP one on my Vita and can likely get Tri for the Wii in my house.

I'm assuming there is a large backlog of DS games so finding ones to play shouldn't be an issue.  If anyone can fill me in on RPGs that would be cool, as I'm in the mood for a good one (isn't Dragon Quest on the DS?).

Also, if I were to get a DS which version of the DS would you suggest?  They're all around the same price range, but I'm thinking the Lite is probably what I'd go with (but idk what the DSi has to offer and yeah, any info on this would be great).

So that's pretty much where I am.  Any info/opinions is much appreciated.

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1. Radiant Historia 2. Final Fantasny series 3. Suikodien 4. Rhapsody 5. magical Starsign 6. Dark spire 7. Etrian odyssey series 8. Chrono trigger 9. Dragon Quest series 10. Contact 11. Pokemon series 12. Golden Sun 13. SMT strange journey These are all DS games. You should be able to get a DSlite for a steal. The advantage of the DS is that you can also play some of the awesome RPGs released on the GBA.. Fur purely RPGs, IMO the 3ds is lacking... there is a tales game and a couple of SMT devil surviivor games (more of a srpg) If however include srpgs then 3ds has Fire emblem which is quite good. Edit: The Dsi offers better online capabilities and a sub par browser.. imo dslite > dsi smiply coz the lite can play GBA games.
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Given that you're on a budget, and it sounds like you can get your fix on a DS, I'd say go for the DS Lite. It'll be really cheap + a huge amount of games. There are good rpgs on the DS too. Some good remakes from the SNES era too (the console with the best RPGs) and NES, such as Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest 4, 5, 6, Final Fantasy 3 & 4. 

I think Dragon Quest 7 is being remade for the 3DS though.  

These are some remakes anyway. The DS has a good range of original games too. 

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Since you're on a budget, getting a DSlite seems like the best option, however, I would recommend getting a 3DS because:
1) it's backwards compatible so you can play all the DS games you've missed
2) Pokemon X and Y are coming out in October
3) MH Tri became pretty much obsolete after MH3 Ultimate came out. They shut down Tri's online servers hence half of its content can not be accessed. The 3DS version of MH3U does not have online, but you have access to all of its quests offline.
MH4 is also coming to the 3DS and it's confirmed to have online multiplayer.
4) Super Mario 64 DS controls better on the 3DS. It's pretty minor, but it's something to think about. :P

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Thanks for all the info.  I'm thinking I may wait to eventually get a 3DS.  For now I may get my pokemon fix by picking up ni no kuni, which seems to have a similar structure with capturing creatures/evolving them/using them in battle.