Liked Shin Megami 4, will I like Soul Hackers?

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I'm about to beat Shin Megami Tensei IV and I'm enjoying it. Hit a few walls here and there with leveling and difficult parts but I'm mostly done.

My question for SMT vets is will I like or have a hard time (as in difficulty) with Shin Megami Tensei Soul Hackers compared to SMT4? I think Soul Hackers is a remake of the original Saturn game, right?

Is it harder, easier or the same as SMT4? Anything I should know about it going into it should I purchase it after completing SMT4? I'm going to probably start my first play through of Persona 3 FYI before I would get Soul Hackers anyway.

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Well, Soul Hackers is a first-person dungeon crawler. Already a huge difference right there. And it's an SMT game, so the difficulty is going to be there. I haven't finished the game, but it's way different from SMTIV in terms of gameplay. From what I remember of what I played, it was certainly difficult. You definitely have to plan and use your resources accordingly.

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I haven't beaten it yet but it's certainly harder than SMTIV. It does feel different too. If you go to SH after P3 you'll feel it a lot more. Persona 3 is an amazing game. Probably my favorite SMT spin-off entry but it's even more different and a lot easier.

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I have not finished it to really judge it yet. If you do get it though you will need some tips. Never put Magic or Intelligence points on your MC. It is WASTED. I hoped at some point that would mean he learns magic but nope. Work on Nemissa's magic and when asked what kind of woman she is, say that she is sexy, you will get Electric magic then. It seems to be the most useful so far.