Let's Play Some Mega Man!!! Nostalgia

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Hey everyone, I just started a Let's Play series on my channel where I'm going to play through the classic Mega Man games and I figure I would share it here in case anyone might be interested to join me. Anyways I just started this, so I only have one episode up so far but will be posting more daily. Let me know what you think in a comment on the video or in thread and I'll check back later.

Here's part 1 if you want to check it out! Thanks!

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@nintenkid91: liable to get ignored of you just came here to advertise. I realize the tools aren't the best for it, but you'll have better luck trying to be an actual member of the community and advertising your channel is more subtle ways, like your sig.

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@darkspineslayer: I actually plan on becoming a more active member for two reasons. First I was a part of Nintendo's old official forum Nsider since 2004 and when it was brought down I moved to Nsider2 which just isn't really hopping anymore so I'm seeking a new place. Two because I would still like to discuss the games I Let's Play as well as share them with other people. I'm not forcing you to watch, and could care less if people ignore it because people already do that on YouTube. I will admit, I didn't really bring up a discussion topic in this post (I made it while I was super tired) so I'll take blame for it seeming like plain advertising.

I like forums and managed to rack up over 30,000 posts on Nsider over the course of my time there, so please believe me when I say I will be active and try to become a member of what you all have here.

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Welcome aboard, Nintenkid91.

Unfortunately, advertising is not allowed on the boards. You can feel free to share your own videos in your blog, though.

I realize the system for following blogs is not good right now, but that's the place to share content like this.