King Dedede confirmed in Super Smash Bros.

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This is to let everyone know that King Dedede has been confirmed to return in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Here is a link with images of King Dedede:

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Going through the website, damn

He is MUCH more animated and frankly resembles his "Kirby Right Back At Ya" Cartoon Form, NICE

Another thing i noticed, this game has MUCH more better animations in facial expressions, everyone was otherwise forced to be serious (except Wario i guess), otherwise this game has much more better facial expressions


<<<<This facial is more animated than the integrity of Brawl

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lol...i always liked this character in smash....he always intimidates me when people use him.

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that's cool.

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Cool, I guess. Never used him in Smash, since he's too slow for my liking (and I prefer Ike or Ganon if I want to be a slow character), but another character is always welcome. I'd rather see something new instead, though.

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Glad he's making a return even though I seem to remember him controlling awkwardly in Brawl. He really fits along with Bowser and Wario as one of those bad guys who is also kind of friendly.

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I am not particularly good with him, but I always loved to use him anyway.

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King Dedede has always been a favorite of mine for the heavyweights. He just felt like he played better than Bowser and Wario.

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Good I guess, but I want an Ike or Ganondorf (Or Demise?) announcement to really get me excited. Oh, Yoshi and Captain Falcon too. With Link already announced, everything else is just filler for me...

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That makes it 21 characters that will return for the latest game. Characters like Yoshi, Wario, etc. will soon be revealed.