Katamari Damacy Remake Demo availble now (japan eshop)

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If you havnt made a japanese account you should. especially if you are a katamari fan. this remake of the first game has a demo you can play right now.

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Been playing the demo some and can confirm it's a really good port. Pretty excited about the re-release but it's not a remake. Though I understand if some don't know the difference.

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It's about time a Katamari game came to a Nintendo system lol. It feels like a Nintendo game.

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Been playing the demo a few and can affirm it's a great port. Quite amped up for the re-discharge yet it is anything but a redo. In spite of the fact that I comprehend if some don't have the foggiest idea about the distinction. [HostGator](https://tgw.onl/hostgator//) [DreamHost](https://tgw.onl/dreamhost//) [Bluehost](https://tgw.onl/bluehost/)

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That sucks that it doesn't intro with the "Na naaaah na na na na na na na na nahh na na naaaaahhhhhh na na!".

Still will pick up. Great game.